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Elmer Lausa

B.E. in Social Science
A.A. in History


Hello everyone! Welcome to my official portfolio. I don't use personal social media other than my street and landscape photography on Instagram. A little bit about me: I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences and an Associate's Degree in History. It was through these studies I discovered the power of visual presentation in effective learning experiences through the eyes of learners & audiences. It also provides valuable knowledge for interacting with clients and guests from various industries, fostering great conversations and adaptability. My personality is enthusiastic, outgoing, and high-vibing in general.

Working in special events provides an avenue for me to apply my creative technical skills working with media and other devices to live stream events, to set up and strike event venues, and to provide excellent customer service with an emphasis on building good rapport. I also do voice-over. 

I hosted Las Vegas event marketing and photobooths for Adidas, Intel, BallerTV, Cisco Live, Oakley, Verizon, JBL, WNBA, MedicareCon, POA, etc. I have experience and can perform duties like stagehand, educating & promotinglive-streaming, setting up & striking events, ushering, museum tours, and alcohol serving. I'm interested in music, cosmetics (skincare, hair, & makeup), artwork, photography, sketching, drawing, anime, and sports. 



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